Brit Thesaurus

Brit thesaurus is a British English thesaurus for versions 1 and 2. It should be possible to expand the work to include different packages (e.g. Kword). It is encoded using thescoder from the linguistico project

The thesaurus has now been released. While there is a lot of work still to be done the current version should be much more useful than the American one that ships with openoffice.

What package should I use?

The 2.x thesaurus is based on the wordnet thesaurus supplied with openoffice. For more information, see the readme.

The 1.x thesaurus is based on the Moby thesaurus, but has 41,405 deletions and 2747 changes. In addition many (about 40,000) words were added that already existed as synonyms but did not have entries of their own. More work is required but this is a good start!

To prove it, here is a screenshot of it working:

openoffice displaying entry for colour.

For more information, see the status page.

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